“All I can say is that you should hurry and go there before they raise the prices or it gets too sceney,” says lil mikey. He’s talking about Lexington Social House. It’s got the Hollywood location, the hip music, and, surprisingly, really good food.

Asparagus salad is the standout, says lil mikey. It’s actually more of a lardon salad with asparagus. There’s flavorful, tender asparagus and frisée lettuce, and large chunks of tender smoky pork and potato, with a perfectly poached egg on top. The magic comes from the just-right mustard vinaigrette.

Their flatbread is also great, and a lot of food: a little six-slice pizza, which could easily function as a dinner. The chorizo and mushroom flatbread comes with lightly crisped Spanish chorizo that’s a pleasure to eat, says lil mikey.

Try tapping the salmon: It makes just the right crisped-salmon-skin sound. Pappardelle with lamb Bolognese is also a winner. “The sauce kept me coming back for more … until there was no more,” says lil mikey. “It was a natural sweet that comes with careful slow cooking.”

Appetizers are in the $11 to $12 range, entrées in the low $20 range. Mains could easily go for $40 somewhere else, says lil mikey—this is a pretty good deal.

Lexington Social House [Hollywood]
1718 Vine Street, Los Angeles

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