Sweet cherry tomatoes are a summer mainstay for salads and sauces. Many Chowhounds oven-roast them, then either use the roasted tomatoes in quick pasta sauces, or freeze them for later use.

hotoynoodle uses them raw to make a pasta sauce: Toss halved cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, soft cheese (such as Brie or goat), basil or mint, chile flakes, and lemon zest in a serving bowl; cover and let marinate a room temperature for a couple of hours. Cook pasta, add to bowl, and toss.

Several hounds love spicy roasted chicken with tomatoes and marjoram. Tom P makes it frequently, “not only because it is so easy but because it is so killer good.” Val says it works beautifully with basil instead of marjoram, too.

hollyd makes a summer succotash of lima beans, halved cherry tomatoes, fresh corn, red onion, and cilantro. “So good,” she says.

CHOW’s Green Bean, Tomato, and Shallot Salad also stars cherry tomatoes.

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