Driving past a carnival made ML8000 crave a corn dog (and for me recalled David Foster Wallace’s excellent “Ticket to the Fair,” here in pdf form).

But where in the East Bay can one find a corn dog for a reasonable price? Oh, and don’t bother suggesting a turkey-based dog, which, as Pius Avocado III says, “completely misses the point.”

Robert Lauriston mourns T-Rex’s delicious dog, which is gone from the menu, but suggests Al’s Big Burger; chocolatetartguy reminds us of the probably frozen (but definitely cheap) variety at Fosters Freeze.

For city-based hounds, betterbeheaven links 7×7‘s article on San Francisco’s gourmet corn dog scene.

Al’s Big Burger [East Bay]
437 San Pablo Avenue, Albany

Fosters Freeze [East Bay]
1199 University Avenue, Berkeley

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