Two recipes have kept Mary Chung in business since the 1970s: dun dun noodles (served with or without shredded chicken) and suan la chow show, a dumpling dish she pioneered at the now-shuttered Colleen’s Chinese Cuisine, and one which is good enough to earn a mention on Wikipedia.

PinchOfSalt describes it in poetic terms: “Imagine a small pile of delicate wontons, topped with a scattering of fresh mung bean sprouts, resting in a pool of soy/chili/vinegar sauce with some bits of scallions and a hint of sweetness. Words cannot do this justice.”

“I don’t know how they get them to stay so firm and yet delicate, the wrappers perfectly cooked and no hint of sogginess,” says Zatan. “And again, the sauce elevated the dish [with] a nice burn and tasty little bits of caramelized garlic.”

Other stuff on the menu is delicious: Szechuan spicy chicken velvet (get it with tofu for extra silkiness), yu hsiang pork, shredded beef with carrots. But it’s the dun dun and the suan la chow show that continue to pack them in. “There is a reason why this place keeps on going long after everything else blows up,” says Uncle Yabai.

Mary Chung Restaurant [Cambridge]
460 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

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