Bahia is a state in northeastern Brazil, with the country’s most distinctively African culture. For a true taste of Bahia street food, visit Sabor da Bahia, a catering service run by Reni and Ilma.

Sabor da Bahia is the only place in town to get acarajé, essentially a Brazilian falafel, explains streetgourmetla. The black-eyed pea fritters are deep-fried in palm oil, then split open and stuffed with vatapá, a creamy paste made of breadcrumbs, shrimp, coconut milk, and more palm oil. Then they’re topped with ground malagueta peppers, tomato salad, and dried shrimp. It’s the most common street food in some parts of Bahia.

You’ll pay $10 for five falafel-sized acarajé, made by Reni and Ilma at home on Fridays. Customers should call in advance to order, then pick them up. “This is a true gem,” says streetgourmetla. “The next best thing to being in Pelourinho and getting it on the street. All you have to do is call them and place your order.”

Sabor da Bahia also sets up stalls at local Brazilian festivals, so keep an eye out.

Sabor da Bahia [Westside–Inland]
Near Venice Boulevard and Overland, Culver City

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