At the far boundary of cupcake science, perhaps a step or two beyond, is the Iona from Robicelli’s. It’s a pear–olive oil cake topped with Danish blue cheese buttercream, candied walnuts, and a drizzle of port reduction. “Unbelievable,” sighs GreenTriangle. “I never thought of putting blue cheese on a cupcake, but it was so good.”

Not just a cupcake laboratory, this mom-and-pop shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, is also an upmarket grocery and deli that makes a wide variety of prepared foods. But for GreenTriangle it’s all about the cupcakes. One choice worthy of kings, she suggests, is the Elvis, a banana cupcake crowned with peanut butter buttercream and candied bacon. Other noteworthy flavors include tiramisu, carrot cake frosted with cream cheese, the Butterbeer (vanilla cake, butterscotch buttercream, gold dust), and the lethal-sounding Car Bomb (chocolate-Guinness cake with Jameson ganache, Baileys buttercream, and shaved Valrhona chocolate). The lineup changes often, so call ahead or check online to see what’s coming out of the oven.

Robicelli’s [Bay Ridge]
8511 Third Avenue (near 85th Street), Brooklyn

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