The Center for Science in the Public Interest is serving as cocounsel on a class-action lawsuit against the good folks at Denny’s. The grounds for action: salty food.

The salt/blood pressure link is pretty clear. And the Denny’s/salt link is pretty clear, too. Here’s the Huffington Post:

“Consider a double cheeseburger with French fries. Most people know that’s not a health food. At McDonald’s, that meal has about 1,500 mg of sodium—a day’s worth for most of us. Denny’s (bigger) double cheeseburger with fries has 4,130 mg of sodium. That’s 275 percent of the recommended daily limit.

“A full dinner at Denny’s can be even worse. Say you start with a bowl of clam chowder, and move on to a Spicy Buffalo Chicken Melt sandwich and seasoned fries. That meal has 6,700 mg of sodium (along with 1,700 calories).”

The question is, can it seriously be legally actionable to serve oversalted food? One time, probably not. But by the millions of servings? Every year? Gets more arguable.

Image source: Flickr member Ingorrr under Creative Commons

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