Boston is not known for its bagels in the way a certain other Eastern Seaboard town is. But if you’re willing to expand your viewpoint on what a “true” bagel tastes like, you can find quite edible versions.

“Iggy’s ‘bagels’ are definitely something different, but the multi-seeded ones are my favorite bready crusty breakfasty thing with a hole in the middle,” says loper. The poppy is another board favorite: nice and dense and chewy.

Rosenfeld Bagel Company also turns out an acceptable product: “pretty close to approximating a good bagel,” claims keith, damning with faint praise. Best he can do.

Iggy’s Bread of the World [Cambridge]
130 Fawcett Street, Cambridge

Rosenfeld Bagel Company [MetroWest]
1280 Centre Street, Newton

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