Summer tomato season is the perfect time for homemade tomato soup, served hot or chilled. You can adapt recipes that call for canned tomatoes to use the bounty from your garden or farmers’ market.

JoanN feels that “roasting the tomatoes is the key to a truly superior tomato soup.” She loves roasted tomato soup with garlic, while kattyeyes favors tomato soup with lemon-rosemary cream. “It’s quite special!” she exclaims. harrie is a fan of hearty tomato soup with shrimp and orzo.

Some other ideas to liven up tomato soup include adding grated fresh ginger, finely chopped fresh rosemary, and homemade croutons.

For classic comfort food, try CHOW’s Creamy Tomato Soup. And if you’re starting with fresh tomatoes, check out CHOW’s video on How to Peel Tomatoes.

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