Apparently rampant kitchen coke-sniffing didn’t end when Anthony Bourdain left Les Halles. Jason Sheehan, writing for The Hungry Beast, says that most chefs are on drugs!

The reason for sucking back all the blow is not because they’re stuck chopping tiny cubes of mirepoix for seven hours of service (for that, Adderall would probably be best). It’s because they’re risk takers with “impulse-control issues,” says Sheehan. And it’s the thrill of the new: “There’s just not a lot of difference between the first time you suck down an oyster, the first taste of uni, first salty shock of caviar, first time the joint comes your way.” Until it’s not new anymore, and then you’re a junkie.

Kudos, especially, for pairing a photo of chopped-up onions with one of chopped-up cocaine.

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