Mother Dough is a new Neapolitan-style pizzeria, wood-burning pizza oven and all. Said stove bakes the pies in 60 to 90 seconds at 850 degrees Fahrenheit, for that proper Neopolitan char. Mother uses true “00” flour, and cheese shipped from Italy. Don’t even imply that Mother’s not legit.

The margherita, with fresh buffalo mozzerella, is amazing, says TailbackU. “The crust was one of the best I’ve had, just the right amount of crunch and chewiness with some char around the edges.” The middle isn’t as soggy as on other Neapolitan pizzas, and the pie comes unsliced, just like in Italy.

“Wow. This place has THE most amazing dough I’ve ever had. I mean, this is the shit,” says soniabegonia. “Many years ago, on my first trip to Italy, I had an amazing heart-shaped pizza made by a lovestruck boy name Gennaro at a pizza shop called Pizza Re. (And no, this sweet gesture was not meant for me but for the friend I was with, but I got the heart-shaped pizza too so I wouldn’t feel left out.) Until now, in my mind, this was the pizza to beat. Mother Dough pretty much got there with the toppings & overall taste, but absolutely OBLITERATED it in the dough department.”

Also stunning: burrata salad. The burrata is also from Italy, and “it was the creamiest burrata I’ve ever had,” says TailbackU. “The mozzarella layer was so creamy, that it was hard to distinguish it from the ricotta. Simply awesome.” It beats the local Los Angeles burrata used by most of the other high-enders around town.

“The waitress explained the oven can only handle two pies at a time. They only have five pies on the menu—no pepperoni—so if you’re the type who wants a lot of ingredients this is not the place for you,” cautions maxzook. There can be up to a 20-minute wait for pizza in crush times.

Mother Dough Neapolitan Pizza [Los Feliz Village]
4648 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

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