Cold brew coffee—which is made using cool water, rather than hot—is refreshingly different in flavor from regular coffee. operagirl cold brews coffee for iced coffee. “It does indeed take on chocolaty overtones and lack the bitterness of traditionally brewed coffee. Good stuff!” she says.

janeh has made delicious coffee with a Toddy cold brewing system. But the fancy equipment is totally not needed, says Ali. “You can grind your own beans and just use a thermos or water bottle or whatever,” he says. “I then use a cheap $1 cloth filter to separate out the grounds.” Cold brew coffee is surprisingly great, says Ali, and “what’s more amazing is that my don’t-feel-like-splurging-for-super-great-beans coffee still tastes very good with this method (the great beans produce great coffee no matter what).”

One of the best things about cold brew coffee is that, unlike regular coffee, it can be stored in the fridge without losing its flavor. “No change in quality as it is stored (never lasts more than a week around here), and I think I can taste some different things that I miss in my usual hot coffee drinking,” says corneygirl.

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