There’s a new and more specific addition to the old best Japanese food in Brooklyn debate. healaeats asks Hibino vs. Osaka in Cobble Hill/CG?

They’re very different sorts of restaurants: Hibino offers different obanzai—homey daily side dishes—and has a more limited menu of splashy sushi rolls than the more well-known Osaka. Responses so far prefer Hibino, and indeed, jdf says Osaka is only good for those “oversized Americanized rolls.”

Live in the neighborhood? Which do you prefer? We’ve had a lovely spider roll of soft-shell crab from Osaka and some seriously delicious glazed salmon and obanzai at Hibino, but we’d love to know what distinguishes the two for fellow Japan-o-phile hounds.

Hibino [Cobble Hill]
333 Henry Street, Brooklyn

Osaka [Cobble Hill]
272 Court Street, Brooklyn

Discuss: Hibino vs. Osaka in Cobble Hill/CG?

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