Bed-Stuy, where there is a small Senegalese population, has a month-old restaurant from that part of the world: Aicha.

It gets a cameo in a thread titled Great African restaurant?, and ChiefHDB declares the “Sauce Claire” to be fantastic: “A thick tomato sauce with chunks of potatoes, carrots and a mix of fresh fish and guedge (a type of fermented fish).” The Chief also says there’s “excellent charcoal grilled chicken,” for those who love it, but that he’s “not much of a fan” of mafe, a sort of peanut stew. ChiefHDB insists that you “get the hot sauce” even though it required a stop at the bodega next door “for a mouth-cooling chocolate milk.” He thinks it’s worth it: “you’ll gain the cooks’ everlasting respect if you can handle it.”

Has anyone else been? This type of fare seems perfect to bridge the winter-spring hybrid weather we’ve been having.

Aicha [Bedford-Stuyvesant]
602 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn

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