Tango Baires Cafe is an unassuming Argentine restaurant stuffed between a Baskin-Robbins and a small diner. But it’s wonderful, says wesleywong. The empanadas have “just the right amount of flakiness,” and the filling has flavorful, well-balanced beef and cheese. They’re accompanied by a rich cilantro and olive oil sauce, which brings out a whole range of new flavors in the empanadas.

Lomito cordobes is a tender sandwich of beef, ham, eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, and special sauce, and is another thing that brings wesleywong back to Tango Baires.

attran99 loves the steaks. The meat platter is lovely too: two types of steak, chicken, and sweetbreads.

Tango Baires Cafe [Inland Empire]
870 E. Foothill Boulevard #2, Upland

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