New York Chowhounds are disappointed but no longer surprised when they order Thai food done Thai style, then end up with sugary dishes short on spice. Wondee Siam, the founding link in a Manhattan minichain, is the rare Thai restaurant that will take you at your word if you ask for the real thing, reports Pan.

He requested authentic Thai food, not too sweet, and was rewarded with “possibly my best ever Thai meal in Manhattan.” Highlights included yum ta lay (seafood salad) with superfresh squid, scallops, and mussels, and pork with fresh turmeric and lemongrass sauce, recommended by the waiter. “Everything was sneaky spicy–moderate at first, but ended up buzzing our mouths,” Pan says. “Just an excellent meal, with delicious, balanced flavors.”

In addition to insisting on Thai-level seasoning, make a point of checking out the specialties on the plastic menu card on every table. MrsCommanderson singles out mieng ka na, a dried pork salad with chiles, peanut, shallots, lime, and more, which you can wrap in Chinese broccoli leaf: “It’s amazing!”

Wondee Siam [Hell’s Kitchen]
792 Ninth Avenue (between W. 52nd and 53rd streets), Manhattan

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