Like other vegetables, potatoes are delicious grilled. Most hounds prefer to parboil waxy potatoes. This gives “a nice crisp outside and smooth texture inside” when they’re grilled, says Infomaniac. Cut them into same-sized pieces so they cook evenly, recommends goodhealthgourmet. Thick slices or wedges are easiest to turn with tongs. Smaller chunks can be grilled on skewers; leave the skin on and thread the skewer through the skin on each piece to provide a sturdy anchor.

Infomaniac doesn’t parboil russet potatoes. He brushes them with oil, starts them over direct heat, and moves them to indirect heat to finish cooking. ipsedixit also prefers not to parboil. His instructions: “Slice into thick wedges. Rub with some garlic. Brush with olive oil. Place over hot coals until tender.”

waver calls this recipe for grilled potato salad with watercress, green onions, and blue cheese vinaigrette “awesome.”

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