“In this story, it was the chicken that came first,” says the New York Times in its endearing profile of artist Hope Sandrow, who’s made her chickens her life’s work.

A chance encounter with a rooster in the woods led Sandrow to bring it home and start a flock. Three years later, the artist’s work centers almost entirely around said flock: Sandrow is known for her poultry portraits (Agnes Gund, president emerita of the Museum of Modern Art, ordered 40 rooster paintings to give away as Christmas gifts last year), and for the cartons of eggs she sends regularly to art world luminaries with a card that documents the family tree of each egg. “The challenge, Ms. Sandrow said, is for the recipient to figure out whether to eat or save the eggs.”

Want to take a look at Sandrow’s flock? She has four webcams trained on the chickens.

Image source: Flickr member Just chaos under Creative Commons

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