BiscuitJones made a delectable fresh peach syrup from “puréed fresh peaches, sugar, peach brandy, and a little vanilla.” It all simmers together for about 15 minutes until the syrup coats the back of a spoon. It’s perfect on ice cream, of course, but that’s just the beginning.

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester votes for peach margaritas: “Just replace some of the Triple Sec with the peach syrup,” he says. “I’d say a good mix would be 1 1/2 ounces tequila, and 1/2 ounce each of Triple Sec, peach syrup, and fresh-squeezed lime juice.” (Here’s a cocktail-specific recipe for puréed peaches.)

Peach syrup could also be a genius glaze for chicken or pork, brushed on toward the end of cooking so that the syrup just caramelizes. goodhealthgourmet thinks it would work well over whipped ricotta, grilled fruit, or strawberry shortcake. spellweaver16 wants to try it as Sno-Cone syrup. LeahBaila recommends making peach butter by combining a teaspoon of syrup and two tablespoons of room-temperature butter (it’s good for biscuits, she says).

And there’s always peach-stuffed French toast, says JK Grence the Cosmic Jester. “Mix the peach syrup with cream cheese to taste (and if you have any fresh peaches chop some up finely and mix it in too), slice a pocket into thick-sliced challah or brioche, smear a tablespoon or two of the cream cheese in the pocket, and make French toast with that.”

CHOW also has this recipe for Peach Upside-Down Polenta Cake with Peach Syrup. Enjoy!

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