The New York and Chicago styles of pizza get all the press, but Steve likes slightly lesser-known New Haven pizza and much-lesser-known Old Forge pizza (originating from Old Forge, Pennsylvania). “Almost everyone adores New Haven Pizza, and almost nobody knows anything about Old Forge pizza,” says Steve. Perhaps there’s a reason for this.

“New Haven pizza has a firm crust that is highly prized and not easy to make taste good,” he says. “It comes out of a very hot oven all bubbly. And Old Forge pizza looks like it came out of an Easy-Bake Oven. Yesterday.” Old Forge pizza has “grainy” cheese, a tomato sauce with onions, and a heavy crust. New Haven pizza uses either fresh mozzarella or a cheese blend and has a thin crust, says Steve.

Despite its appearance, Old Forge pizza is delicious. “I fell in love with it,” says Steve. “Despite the fact that the crust is thick, it is airy and light. The bottom is very crispy. And the oniony tomato sauce is extra tasty, a different ‘kick’ entirely.” Steve is happy to report there is enough deliciousness to go around for more than one style of pizza. “Vive le difference,” he says.

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