April is the season for flor de izote (otherwise known as the yucca flower) in Central America, says rworange. “Little thatched roadside stands hang strings of these blossoms,” she says. She recently got to try them fried up with eggs, onions, and tomatoes: “It is a tasty dish that reminded me of artichokes with a faint bitter edge.”

The flowers are good raw, too. “I tried a little uncooked,” says rworange. “It was good, somewhere between a rose petal and honeysuckle flower. It had a little sweetness to it.” Yucca flowers also keep well in the fridge, says rworange. “These flowers were a few days old and looked as fresh as just picked.” Enjoy! (But note that these yucca blossoms are not related to the yuca tuber, which can be toxic if eaten raw.)

Discuss: It’s Flor de Izote season. Grab your machete.

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