ipsofatso is on the lookout for smoked salmon, particularly the kind of “hand-cut ultra-thin incredibly amazing pink fish” to be found in NYC outposts like Zabar’s.

It’s not easy to find in Boston, but BobB says Butcherie cuts its own belly lox and makes it on the premises. lipoff says, “The trick to cutting lox is to cut at a very shallow, almost glancing angle,” and the best in town isn’t actually in town. It’s found at Rein’s Deli, about a 90-minute drive from Boston in West Springfield, where you can actually watch the lox-cutters slicing off your portion via a mirror by the cutting station.

Maybe instead of taking the drive, ipsofatso would like to buy some uncut salmon and give it the old college try at home: makiman reports that frozen sides of smoked salmon can be had unsliced at Steve Connolly Seafood for a mere $10.95 per pound.

Butcherie [Brookline]
428 Harvard Street, Brookline

Rein’s Deli [Springfield]
25 Park Street, West Springfield

Steve Connolly Seafood [Newmarket Square]
34 Newmarket Square, Boston

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good value on smoked salmon

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