Recent board chatter about the authenticity (or lack thereof) of Boston shawarma/doner/gyros spurred gourmaniac to do a little comparing around town. Two delightful discoveries were made.

First: Sabb’s Market with a “real thing” grill at the back of the market: “Two vertical spits (chicken and a mix of beef and lamb) properly topped with peppers etc. When ordered, the cook sliced a generous portion as it spun past the heater, placed the slices onto the pita, veggies, turnip pickles and then sauced with tahini and a sprinkle of dry spice. The shawarma was wrapped in foil and lightly pressed to warm the pita. Really good flavor and texture and good balance to the meat and veggies ($5) and a very generous portion at the lowest price.”

The chicken variety includes french fries. Not authentic, but tasty.

gourmaniac also found nirvana at Esperia, where the bread is “griddled and slightly greasy in a good way.” The spit here holds thin sheets of pork that are sliced off and then griddled. “Not exactly a shawarma,” admits gourmaniac, but “so darn tasty.” And just $7.

Sabb’s Market [MetroWest]
1001 Providence Highway, Norwood

Esperia Grill [Brighton]
344 Washington Street, Boston

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