“Saturday afternoon at 2pm I counted between 80 and 90 people in line at Diddy Riese Cookies in Westwood. I like those cookies, but they aren’t worth a half hour wait in my opinion. Not when La Galleta is just a block away,” says jackattack. La Galleta has empanadas, sandwiches, bread pudding, ice cream. Last Saturday, there were peanut butter cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and cinnamon sugar cookies on display. But the real find here, says jackattack, are the signature cookies: iced lemon and chewy coconut. The brand-new almond cookie might even be better.

“All cookies are 3 for a buck and one of the best bakery bargains in town considering the taste, freshness and quality,” says jackattack. They don’t get a huge amount of walk-in business because they’re hidden away, but go, urges jackattack, and give your love to this little mom-and-pop business. “My co-workers this morning are in heaven, raving about these cookies (especially the almond cookies) even though they are almost two days old by now.”

Oh, if you call ahead and order at least a dozen, they’ll bake ’em fresh for you.

La Galleta [Westside – Inland]
964 Gayley Avenue, Westwood

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