There’s a new contender for best xiao long bao, a.k.a. juicy dumplings, a.k.a. soup dumplings, the ones with a gush of broth inside. At Mama’s Lu Dumpling House, $5 gets you 10 excellent juicy pork dumplings, plenty for lunch.

They’re a little on the big side—slightly larger than a golf ball—with nice, thick skin, like a good noodle, says MikeLee. Inside, there’s plenty of meat, and a reasonable amount of rich soup filling.

They taste incredible, says MikeLee. The meat filling is full of ginger and garlic, and the broth inside the dumplings is well-seasoned. They go great with vinegar, too.

“In this economy I don’t understand why the place isn’t swamped,” says MikeLee. “With their super low prices and excellent quality food, Mama’s Lu should be serving a billion people as well.”

Mama’s Lu Dumpling House [San Gabriel Valley]
153 E. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park

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