Reuters food blogger Felix Salmon dug up this brilliant graph from the latest issue of Meatpaper, the matchless San Francisco “meat culture” magazine. The chart posits the theory that the level of attractiveness of a food show’s host and the level of repulsiveness of the food, both rated 1 to 10, should ideally equal 10. Thus, a very beautiful host like Nigella Lawson is allowed to make and eat lovely things, while a less attractive host like Andrew Zimmern must suffer through testicles and fried scorpions.

The chart does not, of course, explain hosts like Sandra Lee, who is easy on the eyes yet makes God-awful piles of slop.

The chart was created by Chris Ying, an interesting San Francisco fella who has his finger in many pies, including working with McSweeney’s and last weekend’s Mission Stoned Food fund-raiser at Mission Street Food. Ying’s entire article is available as a PDF on his website. It’s worth the download, as he calls Anthony Bourdain a “lanky, weathered poplar of a man.” Hee hee.

Via Eater SF

Image courtesy of Chris Ying/Meatpaper

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