On Sunday, New York magazine’s popular food blog, Grub Street, went national, with editions in Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Chicago, in addition to its original New York–centric blog.

This is fantastic news for food-enthused residents in said cities, as early indications are that Grub Street’s intelligent hypersnark travels well. Witness a witty interview with venerable Los Angeles restaurateur Mr. Chow, and a look at Chicago public-access food show Cookin’ wit’ Tittle.

But the site seems most impressively built-out in San Francisco, with several weeks’ worth of savvy back-coverage: Grub Street’s minions caught such minor local memes as the potential closing of Stow Lake’s snack bar (one of only a handful of places that still stock Wright’s Pink Popcorn!) and the possibility that the mobile pho truck might be a prank. They also, ahem, blogged about a chat with meat mavens the Nimans that was hosted by CHOW last week.

The only bad news looks to be more competition for already existing food-focused regional sites like Eater, which has branches in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, as well as thriving local blogs like SF’s Tablehopper; they are no doubt hoping there’s enough advertising to go around.

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