KevinB has a problem with low-fat sour cream abruptly losing its creamy texture. “It only stays creamy for a couple of days,” he says. “After that, it has the consistency of milk.”

Chowhounds propose two solutions. One is to find a better brand of low-fat sour cream. pesto likes Daisy brand light sour cream for its reliably creamy consistency and clean taste. chef chicklet agrees that Daisy sour cream is creamy and nice-tasting, and also likes Breakstone’s reduced fat sour cream. Other brands can, indeed, turn runny and “nasty,” she says.

The other option is to go for thick, Greek-style yogurt instead of low-fat sour cream. kattyeyes likes both Fage and Chobani brands. “For the record, I love sour cream, too, but the Greek yogurts I’ve tried (especially Fage) are dense and creamy,” she says.

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