On a visit to the new Angkor Grill in Alameda, daveena gives props to the restaurant for aiming high with its polished, tasteful décor, but wishes they’d offer more flavorful renditions of classic Cambodian fare.

Prahok ktis—normally a spicy fermented fish paste and pork dip—was too mild and sweet, and served with watery bell peppers and lettuce rather than cabbage, green beans, and raw sliced eggplant.

After daveena’s table requested that the levels of fish paste and chile be quadrupled in the next set of dishes, things started looking up. More pleasing were the amok trei (fish mousse with coconut) and sachkor turk prahok (seared steak with noodles and lettuce leaf wrappers).

Martin Strell discovered that
the same owners are behind Phnom Penh in Oakland; at Angkor Grill, Martin enjoyed the same grilled chicken dish he liked at Phnom Penh in the 1990s, but found the rest of the meal unremarkable.

Angkor Grill [East Bay]
1319 Park Street, Alameda

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