I use a Chemex coffee maker at home, and it’s great. Actually it’s amazing; I’ve never had a consistently better cup of coffee. Even stale beans are transformed into a magical, deep-brown liquid that hugs, high fives, and assists with Sunday crosswords.

I was first introduced to the Chemex by our coffee obsessive, Arno Holschuh of Blue Bottle Coffee. Like some other boutique coffee shops around the country, Blue Bottle sells Chemex pots in its stores, though I’d never heard of anyone brewing with them service-side until now: Grub Street posted Monday that Third Rail Coffee, a café near NYU, has just put “Chemex by the cup” on the menu.

I know it might sound ridiculous to feel an intimate connection with one’s coffee maker, but we’ve had some truly great mornings together. And so the prospect of unleashing the Chemex pot in a busy MacBook-illuminated, student-congested storefront elicits memories for me of E.T. being pulled away from a weakened Elliott, dragged off by the evil masked men in white jumpsuits.

Maybe there’s a reason that Blue Bottle chooses not to brew with it at its stores, because I’m sure it’s been considered. But I can only hope that Third Rail’s decision will turn more people on to the Chemex pot, so they can buy one for their homes, and share what Chemmie and I share on Saturday mornings.

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