Worried about the upcoming extinction of the tuna?

“Stocks of tuna have declined by as much as 90 per cent in some waters and the World Wildlife Fund has warned that the Atlantic bluefin will have been wiped out within three years unless radical measures are taken to protect stocks,” reports a Telegraph article looking at the state of the fish.

Worry no longer … or, er, worry about something sort of different, at any rate. Japanese scientists are working on creating a new and improved supertuna.

”’We plan to use the sequence to establish a breeding programme for bluefin tuna as most aquaculture farmers presently use wild juveniles,’” said [Dr. Kazumasa Ikuta, director of research at the Yokohama-based Fisheries Research Agency]. ‘We want to establish a complete aquaculture system that will produce fish that have good strength, are resistant to disease, grow quickly and taste delicious.’”

Well, there’s no way that can go wrong.

Image source: Flickr member maesejose under Creative Commons

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