El Coqui in Santa Rosa just opened, serving Puerto Rican food that’s “la real deal! Yay!” says snarkygirl, who’s pretty excited: “we’ve never had a Puerto Rican restaurant, at least not in the years I’ve been here.”

There’s tender and flavorful pollo al horno (roasted chicken), and darn tasty palomilla encebollado (steak with onions) and chuletas (pork chops). Arroz con huevos consists of perfectly fried eggs with garlic-scented white rice. With the main courses comes your choice of fried green or sweet plantains, yellow or white rice, and red beans or “fabulous black beans.” They have beer, but for a refreshing change, try the delicious molasses soda.

Despite the good meal, snarkygirl cautions that “if you need a guarantee of reasonable wait, good service, and hot food, you may want to wait a few weeks until things settle down to be on the safe side.”

El Coqui [Sonoma County]
400 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa

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