katya has a thing for Shana Thai in Mountain View. Why?

1. Almost everything is good, with just two clunkers. “And a few are simply the best versions of certain dishes I’ve ever had.”
2. The chicken is good-quality white meat.
3. “Veggies” aren’t a cheap mix of onion, green bell pepper, and cabbage. Most dishes have vegetables like broccoli, green beans, and asparagus.
4. The “pretty and modern” atmosphere is nicer than at most Thai joints.
5. The green curry roti is “stellar.”

The roti is a simple wrap of Indian flatbread (roti) and slices of eggplant. Wrap the eggplant in the roti, dip in green curry sauce, and experience nirvana. You may want to stash some of that sauce in case of a future emergency involving criminally bland food.

Pumpkin curry is also excellent, and so are pad kee mao and pad see ew, with plenty of vegetables.

Default spicing is on the mild side, so be sure to specify if you want them to spice things up.

Shana Thai [Peninsula]
311 Moffett Boulevard, Mountain View

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