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"I don't use powdered garlic, just granulated garlic and garlic salt. To me, those two have a deeper flavor, similar to roasted, but without the sweetness of actual roasted garlic, which is nice for the quick fix of a lacking dish, or in something that I wouldn't want to add minced garlic in (like popcorn), where the texture would be misplaced, and the flavor not spread out enough. The salt and granulated versions are my white girl version of a cheater MSG fix." - onceadaylily

"I was so obsessed with these (I used to eat half a package after school) that I actually emailed Nabsico a few years ago and they responded to say that they no longer made them due to lack of demand. I've recreated them myself by using Nabisco graham crackers and coating them with my own melted dark chocolate but they still aren't like the real thing. Anyone else try the Vermont Country Store ones? I'd like to know if it's worth it before I pay $18 for a box of cookies (it'd certainly be worth it for the real thing)." - therhodelesstraveled on Nabisco chocolate-covered graham crackers

"I am a spicy food freak, and cannot believe I had not discovered Korean pepper paste, gochujang, until this month! The hot, fermented tang is making its way into scrambled eggs, tossed with vegetables, stirred into vinaigrettes, mixed with rice, and combined into practically all my meat marinades for a nice zip." - 4Snisl

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