The thoroughly (but not stuffily) French Jacky’s Table opened last summer, another outpost of the Petit Robert Bistro minichain, and even breezier and more casual than its cousins. Set in the former location of Zocalo, Jacky’s Table is meant to be like a French home: dishes large enough to share, and unusually friendly waiters.

“The first time I went, we could tell right away that this was not like any French restaurant we knew: our waiter, who himself was French, joked with us at length and even gave two of our friends, who had just gotten engaged, a glass of champagne on the house,” says cristinh.

The hounds like: the tripe, the vol-au-vent, the onion soup, the steak frites. Mains don’t include sides; they must be ordered separately. But you get a huge pile of, say, nice creamed spinach or garlicky Brussels sprouts, easily enough to share.

For dessert, stick to the profiteroles, advises Allstonian; the rice pudding was off texturally, and not sweet enough.

Jacky’s Table [Allston]
1414 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

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