It’s grilling season again, and while some may be satisfied to use whatever off-the-shelf briquettes they can find, PinchOfSalt demands more: lump hardwood charcoal, preferably not the Cowboy brand that seems to be the most widely available.

janzy recommends Wicked Good, carried by the Milton Market (a.k.a. the Fruit Center Marketplace) or available for order online. Others like the more widely available Royal Oak lump charcoal, sold at Arax in Watertown, the Reading Market Basket (buy carefully: The Royal Oak briquettes are different than the lump charcoal), and other local markets.

But the real charcoal deal, says itaunas, can be found at just about any Brazilian butcher or store. In the past, such charcoal was made of eucalyptus wood and was imported from Brazil; these days the stores tend to offer Royal Oak and a similarly packaged brand. itaunas recommends intrepid shoppers hit Mundial Market and Armazen, both in Somerville.

Fruit Center Marketplace [Milton]
10 Bassett Street, Milton

Arax Market [Watertown]
585 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown

Market Basket [Reading]
1 General Way, Reading

Mundial Market [Somerville]
624 Somerville Avenue, Somerville

Armazen Convenience Store [Somerville]
511 Medford Street, Somerville

Board Link: Where to buy good hardwood charcoal (Belmont/Arlington/Watertown vicinity)

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