Apparently, currywurst isn’t a hybrid German-Indian food, explains jacqueline f. It’s German wurst, made with the sort of curry that British soldiers brought to Germany. “Wikipedia informs that a German housewife may be responsible for its invention. Thank goodness for Herta Heuwer!” says jacqueline f.

At Berlin Currywurst, you can sample this homey delight. The sausage is cooked into thick slices and served with an addictive sauce of tomato paste and yellow curry, with terrific soft country-style German bread. “Two bites in and I was telling A. that I would most likely be licking the plate clean,” says jacqueline f. “I was perfectly shocked by how much I was loving that lunch. The wurst itself has a satisfying snap to its skin. There are just the right amount of fatty bits within to keep the meat juicy and delicious. And the sauce was ridiculous. I was easily imagining the development of mad cravings. It balances sweet, spicy, and tangy exceptionally well.”

An order is cheap, too—five bucks and change for sausage and bread. The fries aren’t quite right, though. That’s OK. Sausage and bread is plenty for most.

Berlin Currywurst [Silver Lake]
3827 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

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