It’s almost against the CHOW ethic to require a reason to sit down to food made by Los Angeles chefs like Suzanne Goin, Susan Feniger, Dahlia Narvaez, Robert Luna, and more. But we’ll give you one—in fact, we’ll give you 20,000. That’s how many children were born as a result of sexual violence during the Rwandan genocide. Foundation Rwanda was formed to support the women and children affected by these horrible crimes, and the Evening of Food & Fotos is a biannual event (in Los Angeles and New York) that brings together a slew of fantastic chefs, delicious food cooked by them, and an exhibition of portraits of the women and children of Rwanda by Newsweek photographer Jonathan Torgovnik. Here are some of the food highlights:

Dahlia Narvaez, Osteria Mozza: Butterscotch budino with rosemary–pine nut biscotti
Suzanne Goin, Lucques, AOC, Tavern: Spring vegetable farro tabbouleh with crumbled feta
Suzanne Tracht, Jar: Lamb croissant with yogurt dipping sauce
Zoe Nathan, Huckleberry Bakery and Café: Braised brisket with fresh-baked ciabatta
Justin Mi, The Lobsta Truck: Lobsta rolls
Susan Feniger, Street: Edamame salad with fresh seaweed, soy nuts, and Korean miso dressing

This year’s West Coast event is this Thursday, April 7, at the Paley Center for Media. All proceeds will go to supporting education for the children born of rape in the Rwandan genocide. Tickets cost $125 in advance ($150 at the door), but they’re offering a special two-for-one deal plus a $20 Gilt City LA gift card (for new members only). And CHOW readers will get an additional $20 gift card from Porta Via Beverly Hills.

Buy tickets here.

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