HLing, who like many of us has entered austerity mode, found the perfect place to suspend her no-eating-out policy for a night: B&B African American Cuisine, where a West African feast set her back just $5.

Best bites included lamb with okra, chicken meatballs, crushed-rice dishes, beef in sorrel sauce, and peanut stew with beef and chicken, all on the self-service, steam tables. Despite the restaurant’s name, you’ll find little that’s American, or African American, at this by-the-pound buffet. There are, however, some Caribbean dishes, which might include jerk or curried chicken.

Though far from Harlem, the city’s West African hub, B&B is a short walk from a smaller African commercial enclave south of Koreatown. Its clientele reflects that, and Midtown or downtown hounds hankering for West African flavors might want to check it out. “I feel fortunate I got to taste something new to me,” HLing writes, “despite the infrequency of chowhounding these days.”

B&B African American Cuisine [Chelsea]
165 W. 26th Street (between Sixth and Seventh avenues), Manhattan

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