It’s easy to take potato salad to main dish territory–just add some protein and complementary flavors. bigmackdaddy seasons potato salad with dill, then adds chunks of ham and special magic beer shrimp. (To make these magic beer shrimp, soak shrimp in beer for an hour, then fry in olive oil and salt.)

Terrie H. likes to combine potato salad and sausage with a mustardy vinaigrette. Try adding grilled, sliced kielbasa; or, simmer slices of sausage in white wine and a pinch of sugar until glazed, and add.

You can combine potato salad with pretty much any leftover meat or poultry. Make a salad of potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and leftover meats, dressed with vinaigrette.

Hard-boiled eggs and toasted cashews are great in a vegetarian potato salad.

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