Sopes and quesadillas hechas a mano (made by hand) with fresh masa and a standout birria (spicy goat stew) all make Tacos Los Gemelos a welcome newcomer to Redwood City, where it has a truck and a recently opened restaurant with the same menu. A few hounds reported back after checking out the truck’s goodies.

Those handmade tortillas make the tacos special, says bbulkow. “They’ve got a different texture than machine made–almost more like dumplings.”

Melanie Wong says it’s one of the top taco trucks she’s run across. Her sope was made to order: “The tender masa boat was topped with a layer of frijoles, then the spicy beef barbacoa, and finely shredded cabbage on top. Quite a bit of deliciousness here for so little money.” RWCFoodie somehow got guacamole or avocado salsa instead of the frijoles, but was just as pleased: “It was so tasty; I tried to eat it slowly but just gobbled it down.” And gordon wing appreciated the barbacoa’s “nice, spicy finish.”

Other good things: Taco de cabeza is wonderful, says RWCFoodie; maigre adds that the lengua is nice. An unusual specialty is aporriadillo, or dried steak. It’s like cecina (strips of dried, salted meat), reports Melanie Wong, but cut into coarse dice. It’s chewy, with an intense beefy flavor.

Tacos Los Gemelos truck [Peninsula]
2801 El Camino Real, Redwood City

Los Gemelos Taqueria [Peninsula]
2855 Middlefield Road, Redwood City
No phone available

Board Link: Aporriadillo, Barbacoa, Sopes y Tortillas de Maiz Hechas a Mano at Tacos Los Gemelos (truck), Redwood City

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