Chocolate and chile can be delicious together, and some Chowhounds like the combo in brownies. janeh soaks a small ancho or morita chile in hot water to soften it, removes the stem, veins, and seeds, and purées it with the eggs before adding them to her recipe. “Gives a nice background kick to the brownies,” she says.

tommyskitchen soaks seeded dried chipotles, purées them with water and strains the liquid to remove any solids, then uses it in place of water to prepare a boxed brownie mix. This gives “a nice, mellow warm heat with each bite,” says tommyskitchen. jadec has used garam masala with chile powder in brownies.

breadandroses thinks Aztec Gold brownies, with chipotle, cinnamon, and espresso, are amazing, but says they’re pretty spicy, so he sometimes reduces the chipotle powder.

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