Our Daily Bread, an upstate bakery and a longtime regular at the Union Square Greenmarket, doesn’t live on bread alone. It also bakes sugartoof‘s favorite cookies—oatmeal and chocolate chip, among others—and sells them in bags of three for $2.50. If you spot the ginger-molasses (“best ever,” swears Edansan), get them. At the Greenmarket, look for the cookies in big metal bins next to the wooden bread case and the plastic box full of scones.

Sconelike in size, the chocolate chip cookies from Levain Bakery have won a following over the years on the Upper West Side. Now they can be had in Harlem at Levain’s month-old shop on Frederick Douglass Boulevard. These monster cookies, with their gooey, cakelike texture, are beloved by many, but not all, Chowhounds. Some prefer Levain’s brioche, studded with chocolate chips. “It’s fantastic,” says Riverman500, “especially when still warm from the oven.” rose water finds the cookies too sweet, but she’ll be back to check out that fine-looking brioche. In the meantime, she’ll be snacking at her local go-to bakeries, Patisserie des Ambassades and Lee Lee’s (known to hounds for its “Rugelach by a Brother”).

There aren’t nearly as many choices for sweets-lovers who have to avoid gluten, so lacontessa is grateful to have a couple downtown: Babycakes and the newer Tu-Lu’s. She gives the nod to Tu-Lu’s for muffins, cookies, cinnamon coffee cake, red velvet mini cupcakes, and especially brownies, which were “absolutely decadent and reminded me what brownies (with wheat) used to taste like.” Babycakes follows a different nutritional course, eschewing refined sugar and dairy products as well as gluten. michelleats likes its moist, chewy vegan brownie bites, and its doughnuts rate a “YUM” from lacontessa. “For those who need to watch their diet,” she adds, “definitely check out Tu-Lu’s and Babycakes.”

Our Daily Bread [Columbia County]
54 Main Street (at Kinderhook Street), Chatham, New York

Union Square Greenmarket [Union Square]
Broadway and E. 17th Street, Manhattan

Levain Bakery [Harlem]
2167 Frederick Douglass Boulevard (between W. 116th and 117th streets), Manhattan

Patisserie des Ambassades [Harlem]
2200 Eighth Avenue (at W. 119th Street), Manhattan

Lee Lee’s Baked Goods [Harlem]
283 W. 118th Street (at Eighth Avenue), Manhattan

Babycakes [Lower East Side]
248 Broome Street (between Orchard and Ludlow streets), Manhattan

Tu-Lu’s [East Village]
338 E. 11th Street (between First and Second avenues), Manhattan

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