The end of sweater weather nears, so although we may have to bid farewell to homemade braciola and Sunday sauce (we love the Franks‘ marinara recipe) since we’ll be out and about and not tending the stove all day, no way are we saying goodbye to excellent Italian food.

And we’ve got to ask: What is the story with Queen Marie Italian in downtown Brooklyn? It’s squeezed among bagel shops and bail bond joints, Popeyes and McDonald’s, but it’s supposed to have some great stuff. For years we’ve been hearing about their mozzarella—made twice daily according to one friend—and homemade pastas, and that early bird prix fixe ($26.50 for three courses before 6:30) looks tough to beat, but which pasta to try? Which entrée? Thirty-five dollars after tip and tax is still an investment, and this thread from 2006 is pretty old. We’d love to know what’s still good, so let’s get that old thread revved up again and we’ll tip our fedora your way when we see you at the early bird special.

Queen [Brooklyn Heights]
84 Court Street, Brooklyn

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