Chicken katsu (pictured) and chicken karaage are both Japanese fried chicken dishes, says almansa, but they are distinct. “Chicken katsu is sliced breaded breast, while karaage is usually leg marinated in soy and sake before frying,” says almansa. “Katsu is more like chicken tenders from a box, while karaage is more like what we think of as fried chicken.”

Chicken katsu is a variant of the dish tonkatsu, says trolley, which is breaded pork cutlet. It’s usually served with rice, shredded cabbage, and a thick sauce made from apple purée that resembles Worcestershire. Chicken karaage, on the other hand, is not sauced as much. It’s usually served with mayonnaise and lemon, says almansa. “My mom usually uses cornstarch to make it super crispy,” says trolley. “We eat ours with a lemon wedge and sometimes a dash of shoyu. No mayo here,” he says.

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Image source: Flickr member adactio under Creative Commons

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