An Angeleno hound is set to visit our fair city, and lo! Gotham Chowhounds are as welcoming as ever.

Layne Murphy has two ravenous teenage boys, a cheapskate husband, and a home base of Tribeca over a long weekend, and feels overwhelmed by our dining options. With a budget of $250 per day and two sons who could “blow any competitive eating champion out of the water,” the lady is understandably concerned.

It’s doable, of course, and New York diners are pulling out their best options, from a walking/eating itinerary incorporating museums and food trucks like Kimchi Taco and Taïm Mobile (thanks, michelleats!) to an afternoon of beer, burgers, and sun at the simple and beloved Shake Shack (we’re with you, rose water; so worth it!). Pizza and “one big red meat extravaganza” are also apparently necessities for the boys, so it’s a good time to battle for your favorite Manhattan pizzerias and steakhouses.

This thread looks to become one of those classics you forward to your out-of-town friends. Chime in, especially since the mom has thrown down a modest challenge on the Asian/Mexican food front. Touché, LA!

Kimchi Taco [Manhattan]
Check Twitter feed for location

Taïm Mobile [Manhattan]
Check Twitter feed for location

Shake Shack [Flatiron]
In Madison Square Park, Madison Avenue and E. 23rd Street, Manhattan

Discuss: Hungry teens/cheapskate husband. Can this vacation be saved?

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