Downtown workers rejoice! Good gyros and spanakopita have come to Center Plaza, where Zo has opened in the spot formerly known as Café Latino. nsenada dug the spanakopita: “They didn’t hold back on the butter (or possibly oil) between the filo layers, making it nice and crispy (no tongue-piercing shrapnel from the pastry).”

Gyro meats are pork and chicken, a change-up from the usual beef/lamb offerings, and the “meat was sliced from actual cuts, not the giant cone of meat-colored particle board,” says nsenada. Bob Dobalina says the pork was a bit salty and not too dry, and the fresh tomatoes and yogurt sauce, nicely herbed with fresh dill, kept everything moist enough. The bread was “fluffy, warm, very fresh,” says Bob. “Go now—and tell your friends.”

Sandwiches are all $6.75 and there are tuna and caprese pita sandwiches as well as gyros. Spanakopita is $3.75. The place is a little hard to find: Go up the escalator that leads to the courthouses behind the Center Plaza building. Once you get off the escalator, head to the right.

Zo [Government Center]
3 Center Plaza, Boston

Board Link: Zo - Greek Lunch Spot in Center Plaza

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