Moscow Deli is the purveyor of most excellent “Slavic gastro-tonic,” says JBinOC. It’s a modest little place, part deli and grocery store, with two tables for dining in, and friendly, maternal service.

Borscht is beets, fortified with a considerable amount of tomatoes, chopped cabbage, and a dollop of sour cream. Stuffed cabbage is beefy and spicy. “You’d think spicing up Eastern European food would be a disaster, but the slight kick worked well in execution,” says JBinOC.

“This is a great little OC secret!” agrees Joani Macaroni. Be sure to wander the aisles for tons of Russian food, unique jarred vegetables, excellent frozen pierogies, and lots of unique cakes. It’s a vibrant trove of authentic food in an area filled with mostly cookie-cutter eateries.

Moscow Deli [Orange County]
3015 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa

Board Link: Moscow Deli - Costa Mesa

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