Little Skillet, one of the new generation of Twitter-trackable eateries, is a takeout window that magically produces fried chicken and waffles (two pieces with slaw and a biscuit for $6.50) and excellent red velvet cupcake ($3), says Windy.

And now it is testing breakfast items, like biscuits and gravy. “B&G is really, really good—solid southern biscuits with exceptional meaty gravy,” says larochelle. Note that these are angel biscuits, a fluffy type common in Texas that may seem more like a dinner roll than the more typical kind of biscuit. Little Skillet also does breakfast po’ boys, which are good but not destination-worthy like the biscuits and gravy, larochelle says.

Little Skillet [SoMa]
330 Ritch Street, San Francisco
No phone available

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