Zatan has a yen for the tofu with preserved egg at Taiwan Cafe, particularly the dish’s tofu, which is “firm and dry and very fresh and cakey.” Zatan says it’s “really something special” and wants to know where she can buy some retail.

Some hounds suggest that it might be made by Chang Sing Tofu, which is based in Cambridge and delivers to Asian markets in the area. But Zatan has bought the local stuff and says Taiwan Cafe’s tofu is different.

qianning suggests making the dish at home instead. The secret is using silken tofu in the preparation, along with bonito flakes, soy paste, and preserved egg. It’s a typical Taiwanese combination that reflects the Japanese influence on Taiwanese cuisine, says qianning.

For those who don’t want to make their own, look for pi dan do fu or thousand-year egg with tofu under the appetizers section of the Taiwan Cafe menu.

Taiwan Cafe [Chinatown]
34 Oxford Street, Boston

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